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Episode 2 – If you’re doing geology in pen, you’re just not doing geology right

This week we discuss field tools – everything from clothing to pens and notebooks! Shannon panics due to Earth’s close encounter with an asteroid and John talks about the smell after rainstorms. We want to hear your feedback!

  • John has been playing more with radar during the northeast blizzard.
  • Shannon has been keeping an eye on asteroid 2004 BL86 as it passed near the Earth Monday. There are already a lot of neat radar images coming from this event.
  • Shannon is also planning her first class field trip for a field methods class.

Field Packs

  • People use everything, backpacks, fanny packs, etc.
  • John has a holster thing like SWAT teams. Looks a little like a weapon holster though, so be careful. (He also can’t find anyone that still sells them.)
  • Shannon uses a wait-pack.
  • John and Shannon use stretchy belts to hold their hammers.
  • Lots of folks use their hammer as a ruler in the field.


Field Clothing

  • Clothing tech revolutionized geology!
  • Drilling with quick-dry pants vs. carrying rainsuits that you sweat in anyway.
  • All drab colors! Consider wearing a safety vest!
  • Hat suggestions? Maybe we should go back to full academic dress?
  • Polarized sunglasses are a must. Just beware that they can alter the color of things!

Field Notebooks

  • Traditional Write-in-the-Rain/Field books. Shannon doesn’t like these because of pencil writing quality.
  • Extras in the back of different series of notebooks can be problematic
  • Notebook closures: Binder clip, rubberband, or elastic over notebook
  • If you’re really into this stuff, you would probably like the Pen Addict Podcast.
  • Do you attach your pen/pencil to your field book?
  • Pocket protectors, John has the stealth.

Writing Instruments

  • 0.5 mm pencils for writing in the field books
  • For sketching/musing Palomino Blackwing 602
  • Shannon misses the Zebra301 ultra


  • Bruntons are the standard, with really no substitue
  • Handlens are now available with led lights (and uv if you’re that into it)
  • iPads vs. regular topo map concerns
  • Battery life
  • Weather resistance
  • Overheating
  • GPS (integrated or separate)
  • Does it take too much away from basic navigation skill development?

#Fun Paper Friday

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Shannon Dulin@ShannonDulin

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of our employers or funding agencies.

New episode!


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Episode 1 – Clippy is Gone Now, Clippy Was Not a Help

New episode!

We discuss paper writing, figure making, debate the merits of our favorite software, and discuss a possible explanation of last week’s mysterious booms in Oklahoma. Shannon also discovers that John does strange things with his spare time and a police radar gun. We discuss the demise of clippy, the MS Word virtual assistant.

Paper and Report Writing

  • John uses LaTeX, specifically MacTeX
  • Shannon uses MS Word mostly
  • There is value in features like track changes, scripting, distraction free environments, formatting, figure numbering, etc.
  • John uses markdown initially to have a distraction free writing environment (in the atom editor)
  • LaTeX help is easy to find!

Poster and Figure Making

Update on Oklahoma Booms

  • There was talk that these could have been a result of a thermal inversion
  • Demo of how sound bends in an inversion can be found on Dr. Dan Russell’s site and this YouTube video.
  • Civil War may have been influenced by acoustic propagation. There is a summary article and book about it.
  • We found a 1984 newspaper article from Oklahoma mentioning this phenomena.

#FunPaperFriday – Radio Bursts from Blitzars

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Shannon Dulin@ShannonDulin

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of our employers or funding agencies.

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Episode 0 – “Hello World!”

In this episode, we discuss what this podcast is, who we are, and wrap up our conference travels. We also throw out our nominations for this week’s “Fun Paper Friday.”

The Podcast
We’ll be discussing: – Recent news/discoveries in geoscience – Technology that helps get the job done – Interviews with leaders in the field or interesting people – Conference stories – Bantering about any geo vs. tech topic – #FunPaperFriday articles

This podcast is for anyone working in, interested in, or vaguely associated with the Earth sciences. As Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers would say, we will often discuss things “unencumbered by the thought process.”
Who we are
John Leeman and Shannon Dulin, meteorology and geology geeks.
Winter Conference Wrap-Up
GSA – Vancouver, BC

  • Woolard Award winner-using paleomagnetism and continental reconstructions to determine how extinctions occurred.
  • Digital poster sessions integrating google earth and structural geology
  • Digital posters showing how drones are becoming more used to bring geology to students

AGU – San Francisco, CA

  • Nearly 24,000 people, about 30% students!
  • Interesting talks on friction as a fracture process, coaxial cable Bragg grating strain-meters, and slow-slip being stopped by earthquakes in NZ.
  • John co-chaired a student pop-up session and presented both science and a fun talk on using sensors in education. You can build a copy of his 3D Compass.

John’s Paper – Frostquakes in New England – Barosh (2000), especially relevant after the mysterious booms reported in Oklahoma last week. Frostquakes have caused ground fracture before.

Shannon’s Paper – (Okay, not a paper, but a cool website from me this week!)

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John Leeman

Shannon Dulin

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