Episode 101 – “Cure your hangover with science”

John and Shannon ring in the new year talking about native science and Enchanted Rock State Park. Why are the rocks enchanted and what can we learn from the native stories?

Enchanted Rock State Park

Fun Paper Friday

What can lake deposits tell us about historical storms? Were the gods protecting Japan from attack with typhoons? Find out this this week’s fun paper!

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2 Responses to Episode 101 – “Cure your hangover with science”

  1. Eric

    Hey John and Shannon! As I was listening to this episode, especially during the fun paper segment, I thought about the story of how the discovery of the last ‘mega’ earthquakes along the Cascadia subduction zone came to light. I may be a bit rusty on the details but in large part it was recognized thru tsunami deposits, dead forests, and local tale in the Pacific NW and Japan. Its a very interesting story of a great battle between thunderbird and the whale. Not sure if you covered this already.

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