Episode 1 – Clippy is Gone Now, Clippy Was Not a Help

New episode!

We discuss paper writing, figure making, debate the merits of our favorite software, and discuss a possible explanation of last week’s mysterious booms in Oklahoma. Shannon also discovers that John does strange things with his spare time and a police radar gun. We discuss the demise of clippy, the MS Word virtual assistant.

Paper and Report Writing

  • John uses LaTeX, specifically MacTeX
  • Shannon uses MS Word mostly
  • There is value in features like track changes, scripting, distraction free environments, formatting, figure numbering, etc.
  • John uses markdown initially to have a distraction free writing environment (in the atom editor)
  • LaTeX help is easy to find!

Poster and Figure Making

Update on Oklahoma Booms

  • There was talk that these could have been a result of a thermal inversion
  • Demo of how sound bends in an inversion can be found on Dr. Dan Russell’s site and this YouTube video.
  • Civil War may have been influenced by acoustic propagation. There is a summary article and book about it.
  • We found a 1984 newspaper article from Oklahoma mentioning this phenomena.

#FunPaperFriday – Radio Bursts from Blitzars

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