Episode 131 – “Geology is hard to grock” Carolina Bays

John and Shannon address a listener question from Mike and then talk about where to find intelligent life.

Carolina Bays

Fun Paper Friday

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One Response to Episode 131 – “Geology is hard to grock” Carolina Bays

  1. Lori Fenton

    Thanks for talking about the Carolina Bays. I’d read about them years back – they appeared in a review paper on pans around the world – my interest was in the dunes found downwind of many dry lakes and similar features. I only recently discovered that they’re the subject of conspiracy theories (oy). I’ll have to look more into it – the presence of coral suggests they were made underwater, right (and why is there no coral in the center – did it not grow there or was it eroded away)? Interesting… thanks for your hard work.

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