Episode 150 – “Submit this paper or quit my job”

This week we reflect on our past goals and set some new ones for 2018 and the path to show 200!


  • Grow my business with the addition of two products
  • See some of Colorado
  • Read 15 Books
  • Go Paperless for our personal and business records
  • Get Back to theBlog/Newsletter (Sign up!)
  • Write another proposal
  • Learn more about web-app development
  • Try swift programming
  • Grow our audience more!
  • Release more great and more timely content


  • Declutter life!
  • Read 25 books (at least 5 non-fiction!)
  • Get back to bike riding
  • Submit this manuscript or quit my job!
  • Submit another proposal
  • Be prepared for field camp at least 2 months out
  • Clean-up my workspace
  • Have manuals for all the devices
  • Field Camp Blog!
  • Complete person and lab webpages
  • Incorporate tech in the classroom
  • Learn to edit the shoe
  • Start a Don’t Panic! Instagram page

Fun Paper Friday

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