Episode 164 – “Pull people’s data and play with it”

This week John and Shannon talk about what scientific reproducibility means.

Scientific Reproducibility

Fun Paper Friday

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One Response to Episode 164 – “Pull people’s data and play with it”

  1. Emma

    While, not exactly the same topic, the folks at veryspatial podcast often talk about big data and data access. As geospatial data is often huge, multiband raster files reference was made to people who download more than they need, or not enough. Also, in this age of “cheap” memory, collecting data just for the sake of it, thinking someone in the future might find it useful. I think that speaks to the RAW data you talked about in this episode. But, yes, what data to keep, how does one keep it and where? Occasionally i think about all the PhD theses collecting dust in the stacks at various universities. What a trove of knowledge! What if there were a trustworthy AI that could peruse it all….. what if it took over the world….. du-du-dun….!
    Anyway, y’all might enjoy a chat with the veryspatial people.
    Thanks for your hard work making podcast; A savior during my commute to school.

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