Don't Panic Geocast

Episode 10 - "I've been everywhere man"

March 27th, 2015

We’ve both been on the road recently and decided to cut together a show to share our travels with you. This week Shannon will take us into the field in NM with her students, and John will take us to Lamont for a seismology student workshop.

Shannon’s Trip

Shannon took her mapping class to the field for a mapping exercise. Her trip went far better than imagined.

John’s Trip

John was at the Third Annual Seismology Student Workshop at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. We got to interview one of the organizers, Zach Eilon.

  • A few of the talks that appealed to the instrumentation nut in John were about the MERMAIDS project and using trains as a seismic source.
  • Organizers had students introduce themselves and make a crowd-sourced mind-map of what people wanted to talk about in breakout sessions. This worked incredibly well and there were many great discussions.
  • There is also a google doc setup so that everyone can continue discussing and recommending papers related to discussions we had.
  • John met more people interested in combining science and technology development in their academic career.

Fun Paper Friday

Have you ever tried to parallel park and thought that there just has to be a better way? As part of our “better living through math” series, we bring you: Blackburn, S. R. (2009). The geometry of perfect parking.

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