Don't Panic Geocast

Episode 14 - "I basically need a holodeck"

April 24th, 2015

Taking notes is an essential part of your job, no matter what you do. This week we discuss note taking strategies, supplies, and how we work. Also don’t miss out on a sticky #FunPaperFriday!

Note Taking Systems

Note Taking Tools
Digital vs. Analog

  • We can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each forever.
  • Digital is re-workable (like lasso and move in penultimate).
  • Paper is easier to write/shade/make more detailed and elegant notes
  • Digital can embed media
  • Paper doesn’t crash or run out of battery
  • Digital can be backed up against loss


  • iPad
  • Apps to write or type (omnioutliner for example)
  • Smart pens like the Neo smartpen or the Livescribe
  • Apps on laptops


Fun Paper Friday

Did you know that the bug-on-windshield effect greatly impacts the fuel efficiency of an airliner? This week we read about some clever solutions to stop the waste of fuel and excessive, unnecessary carbon emissions.

Siochi, E. J., Smith, J. G., Wohl, C. J., Gardne, J. M., Penner, R. K., & Connell, J. W. Engineered Surfaces for Mitigation of Insect Residue Adhesion (pp. 1–15).

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