Don't Panic Geocast

Episode 17 - "What's your summer manifesto?"

May 15th, 2015

Summer is an ideal time to learn new things and explore new ideas. This week we discuss what we want to learn over the summer and how we are going to accomplish these goals. What’s your summer manifesto? Also we get showered by cosmic rays and lightning as part of #FunPaperFriday.

John’s Summer Manifesto
Learn Swift programming language for mobile computing development

  • Books
  • Having a project is essential to learning a programming language.

Develop classroom materials to go with some demonstrations and videos I have collected

Setup more effective task automation to free mind space for work

Submit one manuscript and have another draft ready with all data processing in reproducible notebooks

Shannon’s Summer Manifesto

Working on my first proposal

  • Setting up my research paperwork so I can start looking into grants

Getting the first chapter of my dissertation ready for submission

  • Hone my figure making skills
  • Learn to talk/write less!!

Actually review what I did right and wrong in my classes

  • Try to keep a doc of these things so I can revisit them.
  • Use more Evernote

Prep for Fall

  • Teaching a new grad class - catastrophic sedimentation (if anyone has ideas, please send them to me!)


This week we read a paper about how cosmic rays could give us new insight into how lighting works. Lots of places have been experiencing storms recently with severe weather and flooding. Lighting can do lots of strange things like explode trees and make glass. It has incredible power in each strike.

Schellart, P., Trinh, T. N. G., Buitink, S., Corstanje, A., Enriquez, J. E., Falcke, H., et al. (2015). Probing Atmospheric Electric Fields in Thunderstorms through Radio Emission from Cosmic-Ray-Induced Air Showers. Physical Review Letters, 114(16), 165001–5.

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