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Episode 28 - "You can tag your abstract with emoji. Wait, what?"

July 31st, 2015

This week we get ready for conference abstract deadlines and talk about how we prepare abstracts. Everyone is finally back in town, but not for long!

  • Pluto show next week!
  • Abstract deadlines: AGU 8/5, GSA 8/11
  • GSA, new topical abstracts (search visually by emoji!)

How we prepare to write abstracts

  • Choosing the topical material. When do you stop reporting on research?*
  • Think about what session to submit to
  • Mind maps
  • Outlines
  • Stream of conscience writing
  • Abstract Madlibs
  • Don’t do this steps hours before it is due. Leave days to mull it over
  • How preliminary is your data? Is it ready for an abstract?

Writing the abstract

  • Check the conference guidelines… then check them again.
  • Open an editor. John uses plain text editors initially.
  • Send it around for others to look at
  • Decide on authorship early

Tools for collaborating (a whole other show)

  • Google docs
  • Word/dropbox
  • Evernote (although everyone involved needs premium)
  • Email… if you do this, please don’t admit it

Other Notes


  • How to pick a session (look for others you know?)
  • Submission system crashing
  • Getting people to edit it!
  • Over-reporting

Fun Paper Friday

This week we read about recovering old sounds from recordings with a microscope. Also hearing cursing at lab instruments in the old days. Nothing changes.

A Sweet Sound: Physicists Reconstruct Primitive Recordings

Applied Science SEM vinyl image

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