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Episode 3 - “Computers don’t like -20 degree temperatures” with Nick Holschuh

February 6th, 2015


  • We received an article from listener Hannah about using tech in education. Thanks Hannah!

Interview with Nick Holschuh

Nick is a graduate student at Penn State. He tells us about his field experience, getting to Antarctica, and dealing with equipment malfunction in the field!

Fun Paper Friday

  • Dread Risk, September 11, and Fatal Traffic Accidents
  • Economic theory is built on the idea that humans, in aggregate, behave rationally. But in individual instances, under specific conditions, we find that humans rarely exhibit rationality, and so the study of these individual instances of decision-making gave birth to its own field (Behavioral Economics). It is super interesting, and is relevant to the world of science policy and public education. Here’s a crazy example of what we, as humans, do, when we fail to be rational.

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