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John Leeman and Shannon Dulin discuss geoscience and technology weekly for your enjoyment! Features include guests, fun paper Friday selections, product reviews, and banter about recent developments. Shannon is a field geologist who tolerates technology and John is a self-proclaimed nerd that tolerates geologists.


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    Episode 20 - "It was like 1.5 Cores plus a Twister" San Andreas Movie

    June 5th, 2015  |  25 mins 6 secs

    This week we talk more about your field photos, the movie San Andreas, mining country in Colorado, and chocolate blooming!
    Your Photos!

    Last week we talked about the instead of the Jordan slide that Mark sent photos of. Sorry...

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    Episode 19 - "The whole office is batteries"

    May 29th, 2015  |  19 mins 46 secs

    Listener Mark sent in field photos from the

    Fun Paper Friday
    This week we learn about pressure. Pressure has to be generated for Penguins to poo outside of thier nest. How much pressure? We know the answer!

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    Episode 18 - "I remember having to buy a sweatshirt" Canon City, CO

    May 22nd, 2015  |  26 mins 51 secs

    This week Shannon talks about the cold weather at field camp, we discuss the Jacob’s staff, and methane rain. You’ll want to listen to this fun summer short!

    Fun Paper Friday
    What could cause dunes on Titan to migrate...

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    Episode 17 - "What's your summer manifesto?"

    May 15th, 2015  |  50 mins 41 secs

    Summer is an ideal time to learn new things and explore new ideas. This week we discuss what we want to learn over the summer and how we are going to accomplish these goals. What’s your summer manifesto? Also we get showered by cosmic rays and...

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    Episode 16 - "We are scared" Nature Calls

    May 8th, 2015  |  1 hr 17 secs

    This week John and Shannon discuss going outside and how important it is to our learning processes. Are we suffering from “nature deficit disorder”? We follow up the discussion with a #FunPaperFriday about playing...

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    Episode 15 - "If it didn't, that seismometer probably wasn't working" The Nepal Earthquake

    May 1st, 2015  |  42 mins 45 secs

    This week we are joined by a guest co-host in Shannon’s absence. Matt Herman talks to us about the recent earthquake in Nepal. We had to record in an empty classroom, so sorry about the audio quality. We’ll be back to our normal location...

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    Episode 14 - "I basically need a holodeck"

    April 24th, 2015  |  59 mins 54 secs

    Taking notes is an essential part of your job, no matter what you do. This week we discuss note taking strategies, supplies, and how we work. Also don’t miss out on a sticky #FunPaperFriday!

    Note Taking Systems

    Don’t bother...

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    Episode 13 - "One of my best friends is a poet" Phoebe Cohen

    April 17th, 2015  |  1 hr 1 min

    This week we are joined by paleontologist () from Williams. She studies microscopic single-cell fossils from before there were animals.

    Undergrad at Cornell, wanting to be in biology… landed in earth system science
    Strongly influenced by...

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    Episode 12 - "You want to filter out the ducks" Tides

    April 10th, 2015  |  1 hr 3 mins

    Tides pull and deform the surface of the ocean and the surface of the Earth. This week we’ll take a quick tour of tidal forces, address some show feedback, and then talk about a revision on a classic physics problem.

    Tides are a result...

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    Episode 11 - "It was windy"

    April 3rd, 2015  |  40 mins 56 secs

    This week we talk about another branch of earth science, meteorology. We discuss the upcoming severe weather season and Shannon’s close call with a tornadic storm. Also updates on past stories, feedback, and fun paper friday!

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    Episode 10 - "I've been everywhere man"

    March 27th, 2015  |  58 mins 33 secs

    We’ve both been on the road recently and decided to cut together a show to share our travels with you. This week Shannon will take us into the field in NM with her students, and John will take us to Lamont for a seismology student...

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    Episode 9 - "There's an app for that"

    March 20th, 2015  |  54 mins 15 secs

    This week we thought it would be a good idea to recap some of the apps that we use on a daily basis to get our work done. We want to explicitly state that we are fully unsponsored and that these are just our opinions, not official recommendations or...

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    Episode 8 - "Canal Side Geologist" Making Maps

    March 13th, 2015  |  42 mins

    What is a geologic map?

    Conveys many sorts of geologic information
    The whole basis of field geology
    Can be a surface,bedrock, subsurface, resource, soil, etc. map

    Making the Map

    Start off with your field gear…like we talked about in...

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    Episode 7 - "We don't have ancient Greeks on other planets"

    March 6th, 2015  |  32 mins 56 secs

    This week we talk about how sciences can weight a planet, discuss gravity, and the explosion of a military weather satellite while in orbit.

    Ways to Measure Planetary Mass

    Geometric (size and density), this doesn’t
    By triangulation and...

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    Episode 6 - "What if you calibrated your candles differently?"

    February 27th, 2015  |  54 mins 39 secs

    Time is a very complex subject that you can devote your entire life to. Today we’ll cover a few of the basics and enough to get your interest up! We’ll see that it’s difficult to know what a second is and how long relative times are,...

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    Episode 5 - "We actually don't call it the Tertiary anymore"

    February 20th, 2015  |  47 mins 55 secs

    This week we discuss the geologic time scale, meteorites, and fitness trackers!
    Pittsburgh Fireball Feb. 17, 2015

    Geologic Time-it’s really big (and deep)

    Despite all kinds of fun things to demo how vast it is…still...